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Minutes & Meeting Notes

UAAC Conference 2014

Current Meeting Minutes

Academic Advising

UAAC Agenda

April 21, 2016 – 2 to 3:30 PM (JWB 335)

Informational Items

Fulbright Program – Dr. Howard Lehman (Political Science Professor)

US state department International Exchange program. Philosophy of it: Senator Fulbright found money to develop this program and named it after himself after WWII.  The idea was if you do an international exchange we would have a better understanding of others.

  • Research Study Grant and English Teaching- in attachment that was emailed out.
  • Flagship program in the United States- encourage people to apply
  • University is trying to ramp up the awards for Faculty and Students
  • Go overseas for up to a year to teach English or do research
  • Deadline is mid- September for Campus

Prof. Howard Lehman Director of Fulbright Program Department Political Science 154 OSH/Law Library


Advising as a Career Path – Michelle Brooks and Shawn Adrian

New Working group

Co-chairs Michelle Brooks and Juliana Espinosa

Developed out of a survey that was given out early in the Fall 15

  • Modeled after NACADA interest group but changed name to working group
    • Working group- involved and engaged in the process
  • Great to Transformational Advising- focusing on strategies and practices to go from being a great advisor to becoming a transformational
  • Get together as a group and read some articles and have discussion on
  • Host 3 meet-ups per year and discuss selected articles first meeting in June (2 articles per meet-up)
  • Open forum and move in any direction that the group wants to go.
  • First meet up is Wed, June 15 12noon (Union Parlor B)
    • A Preliminary Report of Advisor Perceptions of Advising and of a Profession Aiken-Wisniewski, Johnson, Larson, and Barkemeyer:

  • All of UAAC is invited to participate
  • Peer Advisors are welcome and Graduate Advisors

International & Area Studies and Culture & Language Across Curriculum (CLAC) – Dr. Innam You

  • Purpose of CLAC- Use foreign language that they already know to study a variety of
  • CLAC started in 2015 out of the thoughts that it is not enough to know another language but you need intercultural competence
  • 3 credit CLAC course taught in English- 1 credit CLAC course in foreign language
  • CLAC is for Return missionaries, heritage speakers and Lang 2020 courses who want to maintain or develop language skills
    • Good opportunity to fulfil upper division requirements
    • Not demanding and not overwhelming, needs to do reading and participate in class
    • Graded class
    • Use of materials in the target language
    • 20 CLAC courses in the Fall 2016
    • Pdf was sent out by Bobbi

OngoingReports– Brief Updates

Admissions – Rachana Patel & Teri Clawson

Summer semester starts just a couple of days after our May meeting, so wanted to follow up on

the last day for Non-Matrics and Readmits to apply. It is the Friday before classes start. All admissions credentials (transcripts, test scores, etc.) need to be in office before the 13th.

  • May 9th deadline for Matriculated students for summer
  • Articulation and first draft edits are due back next Friday April 29th

Registrar’s Office – Emily Johnson, Michael Santarosa & Zach Klc

  • Numbers were reported and these changes are minute by minute
  • Advisor newsletter REMINDER:
    • Do exceptions as soon as possible, deadline is MAY 20!
  • Graduation:
  • You can still apply late for spring graduation: due date is April 26th
  • Students can renew before April 26thby email for free, if it is after they have to reapply and pay $25 fee.
    • If you know students that aren’t going to make it they should get out of the graduation pool early
  • Ungraduated Bulletin has moved to registrar’s office
  • Registrar’s office marks GPA at time of graduation but GPA can continue to change with additional courses
  • Electronic transcripts are now offered through the registrar’s office. They are only good for 30 days Remind your departments:
  • Grades are due May 16th11:59 PM
  • April 26th– End of classes
  • April 27th– Reading Day no Tests or Quizzes
  • May 15th- Summer Starts
  • Control date for spring is May 5th.

University Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid – Carol Bergstrom & Amy Harcourt

From Amy - the 2016-2017 Financial Aid Award notifications have started to be emailed to students through their UMail accounts.

  • Three Scholarship opportunities for Native American students:
    1. Member of the Ute tribe

Simple applications and attach copy of card

  1. Part of Native American tribe needs to be a member Simple applications and attach copy of card
  2. Meldrum Endowment – awarded to first generation undergraduate enrolled in a federally recognized tribe
  • Transfer Scholarships went out today 4/21 and tomorrow 4/22 by mail
  • Need based awards- that applied for FAFSA by March 1 have been awarded and will continue all the way through May
  • Need based housing is on the waiting list- slim change of award if put on list

Career Services – Kelly Dries

  • Can be a resource for students looking for Jobs send them to Career Services
  • Services are free up to a year after graduation
  • Summer partnering with college of humanities, HUM 3960- everything career services can do in a summer class - Email Kelly Dries for more information
  • Graduate School Fair- Sept 23rd10-2 in UNION
    • Encourage them to sign up for a table, want U of U departments $50 per table

Curriculum Administration – Lyndi Duff

  • Honors Articulation has been updated

DARS & GPS – Richelle Warr

o   Verifications were sent out this week they are Due back on April 28th

  • New DARs ticketing system,
  • New student worker – Rebecca Perez
  • Things they are so excited for its going to be really awesome! But they can’t talk about it

Advisor Education & Development – Juliana Espinosa (video)

  • Email invite for Social Invite May 10th3:30- 5pm please don’t forget to RSVP,
    • First 30 minutes are social time (to account for NSO)
    • Send Juliana recognitions to be acknowledge at the Social
  • Thank you for technology training
  • UAAC training is on hold for a bit
  • International Advising Workshop- interested learning more, bring lunch on Monday April 25 from 12-1:30 please RSVP asap for a final count
  • UAAC in-service Union Den Mike Martineau, Analysis
  • Thank you Michelle and Shawn for presenting earlier

New Student & Family Programs – John Michael Pantlik Not present

Transfer Student Issues – Terese PrattNot present

Academic Standards – Jason Atherton & Heather Crum

  • Reminder there is a quick turnover 4 Business Days May 17thand all grade Changes are due May 24th.
  • May 25thstudents come out of dismissal
  • Updated website with new deadlines all the way up to 2017

Learning Abroad – Jennifer Kirchgasler

  • Thank you for Academic Advisor Worksheets of programs that we specifically recommend by department are now available
    • Call their office and they will drop them off at all departments
  • New deadline cards handed out- Apply on time to take advantage of a program
  • Fall 2016 deadlines through affiliate programs June 1
  • 10,000 scholarship for spring 2017 semester Berlin, Paris, Rome and London 3 out 4 cities to go over 8
    • Deadline is Sept 1
    • Email or talk to Jennifer

Committee Reports

Mandatory Advising Program (MAP) – Martina Stewart

Graduate Advisors Professional Association (GAPA) – Melissa Hall

  • Resource sheet was created for all grad advisors
  • They are now offering Professional programs and technical programs for Writing
  • If working with students, exam prep classes GRE GMAT
  • YAY! For the Careers Services grad fair being announced early
    • Friday attendance is usually low
    • Goal is to get the Grad fair attendance up
  • Want to create Officers and some committees/volunteer groups

Advisor Awards – Shawn Adrian

  • WHITE SMOKE rising! The advisor awards have been finalized they will be announced at the banquet
  • Bobbi’s last year for co-chair
  • reach out to Shawn Adrian if you are interested in Co-chairing

Marketing & PR for Advising –Taunya Dressler

  • Not much to say they are meeting tomorrow

Advisor Position – Denise Brenes & Tamara Young

  • March and April meetings to see where we were, then registration open, look for a doodle poll soon to join and attend the meetings.

Assessment of Advising – Steve Hadley

  • Assessment did an assessment of themselves
  • They created a Mission statement

o The mission of UAAC is to assess the undergraduate advising community and ….use that information and share the information so you can use it to improve advising in your college or department.

  • Next meeting is during next social so need to rescheudle

Appreciative Advising – Liz Leckie

  • The Appreciative Advising Committee asks members of UAAC to complete this survey about Appreciative Advising:
  • Submitted to 3 conferences and going to all three
  • Going to Dede’s house
  • Ashley Glenn is in Vietnam and Cambodia

Continuing Business

  • Major Expo – Sarah Rollo

o Rsvp link sent through UUAAC list serve will go out tomorrow

o   Dates is Sept 28th

New Business

EnrollmentOpportunities– open to all majors

  • New, UC 1050 (Summer) – Sarah Rollo
    • Major expo class 1 credit hour 8 weeks, fall and spring and also do a summer section for the “short on credit campaign”
    • Help them explore and make
    • Enrollment numbers are kind of
  • New, HUM 3960 Humanities Career Compass (Summer) – Kelly Dries
  • New, CSD 4100 Understanding Autism / CSD 4150 Comm Disorders in the Media (Fall) - JoJo Beyene
    • Two courses this fall, both classes are open to anyone in any major
    • Class CSD 5400 clinical methods covers general ed
  • MATH Boot Camp and CHEM Boot Camp flyers – Janet Goff, Candace Krukiel

Math bootcamp cards down on the table take lots of them and pass them out.

  • Fall break intensive classes are now on the Fall 16 schedule:
    • ANTH 3127-001 Peoples of Europe (IRBF)
    • ATMOS 1010-070 Severe & Unusual Weather (SF)
    • PHIL 3640-070 World Religions (IRHF)
    • THEA 1040-001 Dramatic Arts in Television (FF)

Posters available for fall break courses, need to get an add code first, time conflict error if they don’t link to the website for add codes in the course catalog.

2 offered on campus and 2 offered on the sandy center campus

Infothat Supports Students

  • As of Fall 2016 ME EN 1300 Statics and Strength of Materials (4 credits) will become ME EN 2010 Statics (3 credits), and ME EN 2080 Dynamics (4 credits) will become ME EN 2030 Dynamics (3 credits).

Tipofthe Month

  • Remember it has been in place for the past couple of semesters that Math 1050 is the prerequisite for Math

Information Items

  • Advisor Social and Awards Reception, May 10, 3:30-5pm, SAEC Artworks Auditorium (1stfloor)
  • May UAAC In-service: May 12th, 9-9:50am, Union Den
  • UAA Conference, May 18-19, Layton, UT
  • NACADA Region 10 conference, May 23-25, Santa Fe, NM
  • June UAAC In-service: June 9th, 9-9:50am, Union Den
  • NACADA Annual Conference, October 5-8, Atlanta Georgia
  • UAAC events found at:
  • U of U events found at:

Upcoming UAAC Meetings

  • Thursday, May 12th, 2-3:30 PM - Location Change for May’s meeting – SFEBB room 180
  • Agenda items due to by Friday, May 6th@ noon

Spring2016 UAAC Meetings

  • No meetings June and July due to New Student Orientations
  • Reconvene for 2016-17 academic year: August 18th, 2-3:30 PM

U of U Academic Advising Mantra/Creed/Philosophy – Create, Navigate, Graduate

As educators and problem solvers, we advocate for students as they navigate their personal journey of higher education and attain their academic goals. Through inclusion and connection, we open doors to new opportunities for self-awareness and growth, empowering students to define their roles as citizens within local and global communities.


April is Stress Awareness Month -

Among all emotions, there is one which, more than any other, accounts for the presence or absence of stress in human relations: that is the feeling of gradtutide.” Hans Selye (scientist and the world’s foremost authority on stress)

Another way to view stress – Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend at (TEDGlobal 2013)

U of U Academic Advising Mantra/Creed/Philosophy

As educators and problem solvers, we advocate for students as they navigate their personal journey of higher education and attain their academic goals. Through inclusion and connection, we open doors to new opportunities for self-awareness and growth, empowering students to define their roles as citizens within local and global communities.

Academic Advising Tagline

*Academic Advising: Planning with Purpose

Information that Supports Students

  • Summer FLXU intensive class GEO 3030-060 Living with Quakes. 
  • New CHEM boot camp pre-fall class:  CHEM 10 Refresh your Chemistry
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