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UExplore Major Open Houses

The UExplore Major Open Houses give students the opportunity to meet with advisors, professors, delcared students, and even alumni to learn more about related majors, minors, and certificate programs. Students who attend can enjoy FREE food and a relaxed environment.

UExplore CSI Session

 Departments attending the CSI Open House include: Sociology, Anthropology, Pre-Law Advising, Geography, Social Work, Hinckley Institute, and Psychology



UExplore Open House BTD

 Departments attending the Beyond The Desk Open House include: Parks Rec. & Tourism, Biology, Architecture-Design, Civil Engineering, Film & Media Arts, College of Mines & Earth Science, Chemistry, Theatre, and Environmental & Sustainability Studies


 UExplore Open House PTHP

 Departments attending the Pathways To Health Professions Open House include: Health Society & Policy, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Health Promotion & Education, Parks Rec. & Tourism, Speech & Hearing Science, Pediatric Medical Research, PreProfessional Advising, Medical Lab Science, Human Development & Family Studies, Anthropology, Communication, Psychology, Social Work, and International Studies-Global Health


 Helpful Questions to Ask

An important part of exploring majors is knowing what questions to ask to help you gather meaningful information for you to use in your decision making process. Use these questions, and ones you've come up with, to guide your conversations with the department representatives. 


  • Why do students tend to select (or why did you select) this major?
  • What class or classes would be a good introduction to this major? Which classes have been your favorite in the major?
  • What types of skills will I develop if I pursue this major?
  • Are there any specific general education courses you would recommend I take as I complete this major?
  • What elective courses would you recommend?
  • What kind of campus activities or student organizations on campus relate to this major?
  • Does this major require or is it desirable to have a graduate degree in this area?
  • What types of internships are available to students in this major?
  • What kinds of careers are possible with this major after graduation?
Last Updated: 11/9/16