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probation major meeting form For students who are on probation or suspension to be completed by their major advisor and submitted to the Academic Advising Center.
PreProfeSsional Meeting Form For students who are on probation or suspension and pursuing a PreProfessional program.
Suspension and Dismissal appeal deadlines chart This chart will show recent suspended and dismissed students when they can begin the appeal process to return to the University.
Academic Standings Flow Chart This chart shows how academic standings work and how a student can progress through them.
Academic Success Workshop Instructions These instructions help students who must complete the academic success workshop in Canvas.
Student Success Advocates Student Success Advocates support you in creating your success here at the University of Utah is the most important thing we do. They know that your situation is unique, so they take time to work closely with you to learn about your particular needs, aspirations, and goals.
Learning Success Center The Learning Success Center is an academic support program designed to give students the assistance they need to have a successful academic experience.
EDPSY 2600: Strategies for College Success This course is designed to encourage academic success through focusing on test taking skills, time scheduling, stress management, university resources, and other learning techniques. Additional aspects of this course include goal setting, values, and critical thinking.
e-Tutoring and the Online Writing Lab This is an online tutoring platform and is available to all University of Utah undergraduate students for FREE.
Writing Center The Writing Center wants to help you develop strategies to make you a better writer and help you to see your potential as an academic author.
Campus Resources This is list of most resources on campus ranging from tutoring to financial aid.
Time Audit Worksheet  
Goals & Priorities Worksheet  


Regulations Library Policy 6-100: Instruction and Evaluation: adding/dropping, withdrawing, grade values and definitions, repeat, incomplete, and more.
Academic Renewal Policy  
Exception to Policy An exception to University policy is warranted only in cases involving unusual or extenuating circumstances that would normally not be faced by other students. Click here to find out more.
Last Updated: 1/9/19