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Family and Student Support

The Academic Advising Center is committed to helping students succeed. Our office is here to assist students as they navigate their way through their own educational journey. We use advising as a tool to teach students how they can best be served on our campus.

Meeting with the student is preferred

Although we prefer students meet with their advisor in person, we do realize that there are exceptions where the ideal face to face interaction with our students may not be possible. In this case, we encourage students to first fill out a FERPA release via their Campus Information System page (CIS), then pursue one of the following options:
  1. Set up an phone appointment with an advisor.
    • Please call our office to select a preferred time 801-581-8146
    • Fill out the FERPA release prior to your appointment
  2. Contact Academic Advising Center at (801)581-8146 with your specific needs to see if another form of interaction is available.  

Alternative Options

Although advisors prefer to interact with students directly, if that is not possible, Academic Advising Center advisors can speak to parents about a select amount of information regarding their student's record. This is only possible, however, if the student has given us permission to do so. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, students must fill out a FERPA release consent form which allows us to release their personal student information to a third party. Read instructions on how to fill out the FERPA release. It is important that this is filled out BEFORE speaking with an academic advisor about your student's record. Once the FERPA release form has been filled out, call (801)581-8146 to schedule an appointment.

Typical Advising Topics

Once the FERPA release form has been filled out by the student, advisors can assist parents with the following:
  • Course selection for their student
  • Transfer questions regarding their student
  • Review of the students general education courses, via the Degree Audit report
  • General registration questions
  • Assist with department referrals

Preparing for your Parental Advising Appointment

If your student has been admitted to the University of Utah and has filled out the FERPA release, advisors will have access to the student's record. Please bring your questions and any other information you think would be helpful to the advisor:

Advisors will do their best to assist parents in helping their student succeed; however, parents should be aware that there may be limits to what information can be shared. It is advisable for the student to make an appointment with their advisor upon their return to the University of Utah.

Last Updated: 4/16/21