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Majors Quick Look

Get a quick view of majors offered at the University of Utah.

Majors A-Z
Majors Listed by College

*   Majors marked with an asterisk (*) have special admission requirements.
%  Items listed with  a percent sign (%) are not actual majors. Students need to choose a major.

Majors A-Z

Accounting* BA/BS
Anthropology BA/BS
 - Archaeological Sciences
 - Anthropology - Health Emphasis
 - Human Ecology

Applied Mathematics BS
Architectural Studies* BS
Art* BFA
 - Ceramics
 - Graphic Design
 - Painting and Drawing
 - Photography/Digital Imaging
 - Printmaking
 - Sculpture/Intermedia
 - Cross 3-D Ceramics and Sculpture

 - Digital Intermedia
 - Generalist
 - Ceramics
 - Painting/Drawing
 - Photography/Digital Imaging

Asian Studies BA
Athletic Training BS
Atmospheric Sciences BS

Ballet* BFA
 - Ballet Teaching
Biology BA/BS
 - Biochemistry (BS)
 - Cell and Molecular Biology (BS)
 - Environmental and Organismal Biology (BS)

Biomedical Engineering* BS
Business Administration* BA/BS

Chemical Engineering* BS
 - Energy Engineering
Chemistry BA/BS
 - Professional Chemistry (BS)
 - Biological Chemistry (BS)
 - Business Chemistry (BS)
 - Chemical Physics Chemistry (BS)
 - Geology Chemistry (BS)
 - Materials Science and Engineering Chemistry (BS)
 - Mathematics Chemistry (BS)
 - Teaching Chemistry (BS)

Chinese (Languages) BA
(City & Metropolitan Planning Dept.)
 - See Urban Planning

Civil & Environmental Engineering* BS
Classics (Languages) BA
Communication* BA/BS
 - Mass Communication & Speech Communication BA/BS now fall under Communication BA/BS
Comparative Lit. & Cultural Studies BA
 - Literature and Culture
 - Religion and Culture

Computer Engineering* BS
Computer Science* BS
 - Entertainment Arts & Engineering
Consumer & Community Studies BA/BS
(Family & Consumer Studies)
 - Financial Planning

 Film and Media Arts  BA
 - Entertainment Arts & Engineering
 - Animation Studies
 - Film Production
Finance BA/BS -
French (Languages) BA

Gender Studies BA/BS
Geography BA/BS

 - Geographic Information Science
 - Remote Sensing of the Environment
 - Climate Change & Landscape Dynamics
 - Population, Development & Sustainability
 - Hazards, Resilience & Human Security  

Geological Engineering BS
Geoscience BS
 - Environmental Geoscience
 - Geology
 - Geophysics

German (Languages) BA

Health Promotion & Education BS
 - Community Health Education
 - Emergency Medical Services
 - Consumer Health
 - Provider Health
 - School Health Teaching
 - Nuclear Medicine Technology

Health, Society and Policy BA/BS
History BA
Human Development and Family Studies BA/BS
(Family & Consumer Studies)
 - Child Life
 - Early Childhood Education

Kinesiology, BS

 - Kinesiology Teaching
 - Exercise Science
 - Fitness and Wellness Specialist

Management (Business)* BA/BS
Marketing (Business)* BA/BS
Materials Science & Engineering* BS
Mathematics BA/BS
 - Statistics
 - Mathematics of Computation

Mechanical Engineering* BS
 - Aerospace Engineering
 - Biomechanics
 - Design and Manufacturing
 - Dynamics and Control
 - Ergonomics and Safety
 - Fluid Mechanics
 - Mechatronics
 - Micro/Nanoscale Engineering
 - Modeling
 - Robotics and Control
 - Solid Mechanics
 - Thermal Science and Energy Engineering

Medical Laboratory Science* BS
Metallurgical Engineering BS
Middle East Studies BA
Mining Engineering BS
Modern Dance* BFA
 - Classical Guitar Performance

 - Instrumental Performance
 - Jazz Composition
 - Jazz Performance
 - Music Composition
 - Music Education - Choral
 - Music Education - Instrumental
 - Music History and Literature
 - Music Theory
 - Organ Performance
 - Piano Pedagogy
 - Piano Performance
 - Voice Performance

Nursing* BS
 - Geriatric Nursing Leadership

Parks, Recreation & Tourism BA/BS
 - Outdoor Recreation Studies
 - Commercial, Community and Sport Management
 - Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management
 - Sustainable Tourism Management

Peace and Conflict Studies BA/BS
Pharmacy* PharmD
Philosophy BA/BS
Physics BA/BS
 - Astronomy & Astrophysics
Political Science BA/BS   

- Community Involvement and Nonprofit Leadership
 - International Relations
 - Public Policy
 - Law and Politics  

Pre-Dent % (Advisor track) 
Pre-Law % (Advisor track) 
Pre-Med % (Advisor track) 
Pre-Opt % (Advisor track) 
Pre-Vet % (Advisor track) 
Psychology* BA/BS 

Secondary Ed.* (must choose a teaching mjr)
Social Work* BSW
Sociology BA/BS
Spanish (Languages) BA
Special Education* BS
 - Early Childhood Special Education
 - Hearing Impairments
 - Mild/Moderate Disabilities
 - Severe Disabilities
 - Visual Impairments

Speech and Hearing Science* BA/BS
 -(formerly Communication Sciences & Disorders* BA/BS)

Theatre BA

-Actor Training Program (ATP)
-Musical Theatre Program (MTP)
-Performing Arts Design Program (PADP)

-Stage Management

Undecided (not a major)
University Studies* BUS
Urban Planning BA/BS
(City and Metropolitan Planning Department)


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About Majors

A "major" or an "academic plan" is a set of courses within a particular subject area that must be completed along with University-wide Graduation Requirements in order to receive a bachelor's degree. Majors often equate with a department at the U, such as "Biology" or "Linguistics." 

There are several types of Bachelor's degrees with different requirements. The most common are the Bachelor of Science (BS) and the Bachelor of Arts (BA). For the BS a student must take at least two upper-division Quantitative Intensive courses from an approved list (see the Undergraduate Bulletin for more information) and for the BA a student must demonstrate second-year proficiency in a foreign language. Art, Ballet, Modern Dance, and Theater majors may pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and Music majors may pursue a Bachelor of Music (BMus). There is also a Bachelor of University Studies (BUS) which can be obtained by students who design their own major.

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