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Studio Art
We have an excellent undergraduate studio program. The curriculum motivates students to develop a range of technical, formal and conceptual strengths. We structure curriculum as a balance: beginning with a solid understanding of and technical ability in visual elements and physical properties (form, process, and technique). The curriculum then moves students toward an understanding of contemporary art philosophies, an engagement with new genres, and an exploration of art as an active component in culture today.

Possible Emphases & Certificates:

  • Ceramics Emphasis
  • Graphic Design Emphasis
  • Painting/Drawing Emphasis
  • Photography/Digital Imaging Emphasis
  • Printmaking Emphasis
  • Sculpture Intermedia Emphasis
  • Cross 3D Focus: Ceramics & Sculpture Emphasis
  • Arts Technology Certificate
  • Book Arts Certificate


  • Credits hour requirement for this major: 75-83 credits
  • Entry level courses: ART 2200, 2300, & 2400.

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Exploratory Courses

ART 1010 - Intro to the Visual Arts

ART 2200 - First Year Studio 2-D

ART 2300 - First Year Studio 3-D

ART 2400 - Intro to Visual Language


Last Updated: 3/29/17