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Open to Exploration

Be Open to Exploring

Being undecided about academic goals can be discouraging and frustrating for many students. Sometimes students feel like everyone else has a major selected, or that they are lagging behind their peers. However, this is not the case! Around 1/3 of students in each incoming class are undecided and exploring majors. Of the students that do enter college “knowing” what they want to do about 1/3 of students change their mind and end up exploring majors after their first 2 semesters. So this experience is very common, and you are not alone!

Taking the time to explore now is very important. This is a great opportunity for students to clarify their interests, skills, and values.  Exploring majors early on in your academic career helps you find a major that sticks, and gives you more opportunities to be engaged in meaningful academic experiences that can set you on the path for future success.

The University of Utah has many great resources to help you explore and decide. Meeting with an exploration advisor can help you figure out how to start the exploration process, and give you some ideas of majors to explore. Exploration advisors can also help by interpreting assessment results, and pointing you in the direction of great campus resources. Advisors in academic departments can provide helpful insights into required classes, the student experience in courses, locating research opportunities, and more! 

Last Updated: 5/24/18