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Collect Information about Majors & Careers

The following strategies and resources may help you to make a decision on a major and/or career. For assistance working through this process, please set up an appointment with an academic advisor at the Academic Advising Center at 801-581-8146.

There are two approaches you can take:

  1. Select a major that you love and find out which career possibilities would be open to you with that major, or
  2. Find a career you would enjoy and determine the most appropriate major to prepare you for that career.


When exploring majors make sure you consider:

  • Does the major match your interests, values and abilities?
  • What kind of classes will you have to take in the major?
  • What is the length and structure of the major?
  • Does the major have any special admissions requirements?
  • What are the career opportunities for someone with this degree?

To find out this information:

  • Read about majors in the General Catalog.
  • Visit departmental advisors for programs in which you are interested and/or attend a departmental information session.
  • Take an introductory course in majors that interest you.
  • Visit the Career Library in Career Services to find out about career possibilities for each major.


When exploring careers, be sure to consider:

  • What are the daily activities of someone in this career?
  • What are the skills needed to be successful in this field?
  • What kind of salary and opportunity for advancement does this field offer?
  • What is the availability of jobs with this career choice? 
  • What major(s) would best prepare you for this career?

To find out this information:

  • Visit the Career Library in Career Services (390 SSB).
  • Talk to a professional already working in the field. The Career Library has the Alumni Career Advisory Network to help with this step.
  • See what career fields are really like by getting work experience in fields of interest. This can be arranged through Career Services (350 SSB, 801.581.6186) and the Student Employment Office (382 SSB, 801.581.4473)
  • Volunteer through the Bennion Community Service Center (101 Union, 801.581.4811).
  • Look into extra-curricular activities on campus (contact ASUU, 234 Union, 801.581.2788 for information)

Career Resources

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