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Declare your Major

Have You Declared Your Major?

The Academic Advising Center Advising is launching the Major Declaration Campaign to inform students of how and why they should declare a major at the University of Utah.  This campaign runs in congruence with the “Undeclared Registration Hold” for any student with 60 or more credits who has not declared a major.  These students will receive a registration hold (restriction) for Summer/Fall 2013.  To have this hold removed students must initiate action through various University of Utah agencies to assist in identifying a major.  Students can clear this hold by:

  • Declaring your major with your department or college if you know your academic direction. Do this as soon as possible by visiting the department and ask to be declared as a major (or a pre-major if it is a selective major for which you cannot yet apply). You can find departmental contact information via…
    Quick Look - Majors, Minors, & Certificates
  • Initiating major exploration with an Academic Advising Center Advisor.  Call 801-581-8146 for an appointment.

These options will assist students in moving forward to identify not only a major but a future direction at The University of Utah.

If you have further questions regarding this policy, don’t hesitate to contact Academic Advising Center at 801-581-8146.

How do I declare a major?

Speak with the departmental advisor for the major of your choice regarding requirements for that academic plan. Some majors are "open," whereas others have special admissions requirements. The advisor will let you know what you need to do to be accepted into the major. Here is a list of Departmental Advisors. You can also read about major requirements in the General Catalog.

When do I need to declare my major?

The U's Major Declaration Policy states that you are expected to be admitted to a major by the end of your sophomore year (60 semester credit hours).

Reasons to Declare your Major

  • You Must Declare A Major To Graduate (Note: Pre-Majors need to declare)
  • Declaring A Major Early May Save You Time And Money
  • Establishes a Catalog Year (This means your major requirements won’t change for 5 years)
  • Once You Declare A Major, You Could Qualify For Departmental Scholarships
  • You Will Have An Answer To The Question: “What’s Your Major?”
  • Declaring Helps Your DepartmentalAdvisor Assist You With Graduation
  • You Will Avoid Getting a Hold that Prevents Future Registration (Undeclared students with 60+ credits will receive a hold that prevents class registration)
For More Information Contact:
Academic Advising Center 801-581-8146 or Your Departmental Advisor
Last Updated: 5/24/18