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Major & Career Exploration Living Learning Community

Get help deciding on a major and career before the end of your first year at the U!

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are an on-campus housing opportunity that bring students with similar interests, goals, and experiences together. The Major and Career Exploration LLC aims to help exploring students find the best fit major and career before the end of the year.

Programming Details

UGS 1550

A course dedicated to exploring yourself and your opportunities during and after college.

Learn about the major/career decision making process including

  • self-assessment
  • evaluation of majors and careers
  • implementing an action plan

This is a required component of the LLC

Advising & Coaching

Living in this LLC means regular meetings with Academic Advisors and Career Coaches.

Work one-on-one with a trained professional who can guide you through self-discovery and informed decision-making will help you stay on track and make continuous progress.

Events & Handshake Profile

Several major and career exploration events are held on campus each year. They are an integral tool in your journey.

Additionally, Handshake is the U's premier student-employer connection platform.

You'll create an account in Handshake to

  • explore careers
  • connect with prospective employers
  • find networking, internship and job opportunities
  • learn about career-oriented events
Last Updated: 5/6/21