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Video about Sociology

Department of Sociology

Advisor Office: 326 BEH SCI [Map]

Sociology is an incredibly versatile undergraduate major that investigates the interrelationships between social order and social change in our personal lives, the communities we live in, and the world as a whole. At the level of social relationships, sociologists study the causes and consequences of realities such as racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual identity; romantic love; deviant behavior; and family dynamics. At the community level, sociologists examine such things as poverty and inequality through the lenses of social class theories, prejudice and discrimination, educational strategies, corporate and business behavior, urbanrural differentials, social ecology, the criminal justice system, housing and homelessness, the health care system, and social movements. Finally, at the global level, sociology may study human population dynamics, conflict between societies, stratification and mobility, cultural diversity, socially-induced environmental change, and the processes of globalization and modernization.

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Last Updated: 3/29/17