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Shadowing Experience

Shadowing current working professionals should be one of your first experiences if you are interested in any health profession: observing physicians, dentists, veterinarians, etc. in action will help you gather the information you need to fully commit to your professional path. 

While there are a few limited opportunities listed here, we strongly encourage students to use their shadowing experience as a networking experience.

  • You should begin by making an inventory of all the medical professionals you know well in your personal life. They will often be a useful resource in finding shadowing opportunities.
  • You may also consider talking to your own primary care doctor, or any specialists you see for your own care: your dentist, your vet, your optometrist, etc.  Often, these contacts may not be willing to allow you to shadow them, due to privacy or other concerns, but very often they will know another doctor who you can contact who will not have the same issues. 
  • Volunteering or working in a hospital setting (e.g. PEDS 5900 clinical shifts) is another excellent way to meet and get to know doctors. Doctors in one department will still know colleagues in a variety of specialties, and they can be very good resources in finding others to shadow.
  • Cold calling doctor's offices from the a website or the phone book is certainly the way people least like to find a doctor to shadow, but nevertheless is the way most people do find some of their doctors to shadow, particularly in the specialties. 

 PCMC Shadowing Program - Shadowing opportunities for pre-medical students at the Primary Children’s Medical Center are available. Eligible students must be actively applying to medical school within the next 12 months to qualify for this program.

  1.  Check the Job Shadowing experience at Primary Children's.
  2. If you need information about shadowing requirements as part of a premed program, visit the University of Utah School of Medicine’s selection criteria website.

FIND A DO doctor:
Use the AOA's Find a DO search on their website to look for a DO in an area or specialty that interests you.

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