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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to major in some kind of science to get into a professional school?

Absolutely not, and that’s what our office is here to help you with. Professional schools have particular PREREQUISITE COURSES that they must see on your transcript to admit you.  Some majors include more of these courses than others, but you can major and minor in anything you want.    

What kinds of professional schools does your office advise for?

Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Osteopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Medicine, Optometry and Podiatry. For more information about specific programs, click here. 

Does the U have programs for other kinds of medical professions?

Yes. Here’s the contact information for the biggest ones:

  • Nursing: Academic Advising Center Academic Advising (801-581-8146) does most of the general advising for students interested in Nursing. Students who are interested in the U of U Nursing program is recommended to attend information sessions about their program prior to meet with an advisor at College of Nursing.
  • Pharmacy: DOES NOT DO GENERAL ADVISING. The College of Pharmacy only advises for juniors and seniors who wish to apply to one of Pharmacy’s graduate programs. Talk with the Academic Advising Center Academic Advising (801-581-8146) for paths and majors to pharmacy careers.
  • Physical Therapy: Academic Advising Center Academic Advising does the general advising for students interested in becoming PT’s; the Department of Physical Therapy at the U of U is a graduate department. You will only contact the department advisor when you are ready to start the process to apply to one of their graduate programs. 
  • Physician’s Assistant: The PA program at the University of Utah is another graduate program. Read about the current admissions requirements. These requirements are adjusted year to year, so be sure to keep up with the changes.  
  • Occupational Therapy: Students are encouraged to talk with an advisor at Occupational Therapy program. They also hold information sessions. For more information, visit their website or call 801-585-0555 or 801-585-9135.

What AP or IB classes should I take?

You can take any AP or IB classes that you are interested in. However, some professional schools do not accept AP/IB scores for certain classes as completed coursework.  Depending on what kind of professional school you plan to attend, it may be more practical to wait and take the class in college; or, if you feel that you would like to strengthen your skills, to take that AP/IB class, and simply don’t spend the money on taking an expensive test that won’t count as a prerequisite met when it comes time to apply to med school or vet school. If you have questions about specific requirements or specific classes, you should always call Preprofessional Advising, and make an appointment to discuss your options.  

What about concurrent enrollment classes?

Concurrent enrollment classes ARE college classes, whether they’re taken at the U or another school. For example, if you take AP Chemistry, you will need to take the General Chemistry sequence at the U for a grade and credit; but if you concurrently enroll in General Chemistry classes at SLCC, your letter grade and your hours will transfer to the U. Professional schools do not penalize applicants for taking introductory coursework at accredited community colleges.  

Should I get a CNA certificate, or do a Surgical Tech program, or…?

Any certifications that allow you to work in your professional area while you are attending school can be useful if you are interested in completing a particular program; since they might allow you to both get paid and to gain significant patient experience. We recommend that you choose a program that aligns with your eventual goals.  If you’re planning to be an optometrist, a certificate in pet grooming might not be as good a choice as it would be if you’re planning to be a vet. 

Contact PreProfessional Advising


Bldg. 44, Room 206 [MAP]  (This is the main PPA office which include Mayumi, Shelley, and Cari's offices. Amy's office is in HPER North 234)

Spring 2017
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The office will be closed for planned events on:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Monday, January 16
  • Presidents Day: Monday, February 20
  • Spring Break: March 12-19

Appointments are required.

Current University students and Alumni can book their appointments ONLINE.
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If you are a prospective students (freshman, transfer, post-baccalaureate) visiting our office for the first time, please call 801-581-5744 or email Catalina Cardona at to schedule an appointment. 


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Please try to arrive a few minutes early to check in before your appointment time. Students who are more than 9 minutes late will be rescheduled.

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