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Premed Resources

Over the past five years, few public research universities have risen in stature as quickly for both academic excellence and the creation of life-changing technological and medical innovation than the University of Utah.

Preparation for medical school involves curricular and extracurricular experiences which demonstrate communication, leadership, community service, research, and familiarity with the medical profession. We advise all our students who want to be physicians to learn about and consider both the MD and DO training options while pursuing the premed path here at the U. Though it is not as familiar in Utah, osteopathic medicine is a well-established, distinctive form of medical training and practice in the United States. While osteopathic medical schools tend to emphasize training students to become primary care physicians, DO doctors practice in the full range of medical specialties alongside their MD-trained colleagues all over the US, including right here at University Hospital. (To learn more about the basics of becoming a DO, visit )

Any major is appropriate for premed students, because every major will help you develop a personal skill set that has the potential to help you become a better doctor. We encourage you to study something you love.


Last Updated: 7/19/17