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PreOptometry Recommended Courses


CLEP Credit & Correspondence Study

Check with specific optometry schools you want to apply to; policies vary by school.

AP Credits

Generally, students must take coursework beyond introductory classes waived by AP.

Online Courses

Check with specific optometry schools you want to apply to; policies vary by school.


All repeated courses will be considered but only the most recent course will be included in GPA calculations.


W’s should normally be used only for non-academic emergencies.

Non-Science Courses you need to complete before the application

English Composition Need 2 semesters (WRTG 2010 & CW)

General Ed courses

Most optometry schools recommend taking at least some GE courses, including FF, HF and BF; policies vary by school.

General Psychology

Most optometry schools require at least 1 course; policies vary by school.

Optional Courses - ED PSYCH 3861

- College of Health

Preprofessional Science Course Guide 1


990 (0) Pre-Algebra

1010 (4) Intermediate Algebra

1050 (4) College Algebra & 1060 (3) Trig


1080 (5) Pre-calculus (1080 combines the material from 1050/1060 into a single-semester intensive course)

1070 (3) Statistics (required by most schools)

1210 (4) Calculus 1 (prereq: 1050 & 1060 OR 1080)

1220 Calculus 2 optional (prereq:1210)



2010 (4) + 2015 (1) Gen. Physics 1+Lab (prereq: Math 1060) &

2020 (4) + 2025 (1) Gen. Physics 2+Lab


2210 (4) + 2015 (1) Physics for Scientists & Engineers 1+Lab (prereq Math 1210) &

2220 (4) + 2025 (1) Physics for Scientists & Engineers 2+Lab



1210 Principles of Biology (4) fills 1 of 2 general biology requirements

2325 Human Anatomy (4); required by most schools, fulfills BIOL lab requirement

2420 Human Physiology (4) recommended by most schools (prereqs: Bio 1210 and Chem 1210)

2020 Cell Biology (3) fulfills the 1 of 2 general biology requirements (prereqs: Bio 1210 and Chem 1210)

PATH 3100 Medical Microbiology (3) required by most schools



1210 (4) + 1215 (1); Gen Chem 1+Lab (prereq: Math 1050)

1220 (4) + 1225 (1); Gen Chem 2+Lab

2310 (4) + 2315 (2); Organic Chem 1+Lab

2320 (4) + 2325 (2); Organic Chem 2+Lab

BIOL/CHEM 3510 (3) + BIOL/CHEM 3515 (3) Biochem I+Lab; required by many schools; fulfills BIOL lab requirement for most schools if you register for course as BIOL.



ED PSYCH 3861 Career Services Internship ( The Career Services Internship Program is an opportunity for you to earn upper-division academic credit while learning about a career. This is applicable whether you are shadowing an optometrist or working in a optometric setting. This course is credit/no credit and is repeatable up to 6 credits.



  1. This guide is designed for students preparing for optometry schools. Some courses may not be required by all professional schools and some schools may require additional courses not on this list. See a PPA advisor for more information.
  2. In order to take a proper math class, you have to have ACT, SAT, or math placement test scores, or successfully pass a prerequisite math courses.
  3. Physics has 2 options. Consult with both your major advisor and a PPA advisor to choose the right sequence.
  4. Taking Anatomy and Biochemistry labs fulfills biology lab requirements. However, there are some schools which do not accept these labs. Consult with a PPA advisor for more information.
  5. Optional preparatory courses are available for Chemistry and Physics:
    • CHEM 1200 (3) Prep for College Chemistry (Usually offered online. Check the class schedule for more information.) 
    • CHEM 1208 (1) Intro to Periodic Table (Offered online between semesters for 2 weeks.)
    • CHEM 2308 (1) Intro to O Chem (Offered online between semesters for 2 weeks.)
    • PHYS 1500 (3) Prep for College Physics (Offered once a year. Check the class schedule for more information.)

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