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PreHealth Frequently Asked Questions

Our office exists to help guide students during their time at the U towards professional schools, specifically related to health and law. Our advisors help students choose appropriate classes, plan schedules, prepare professional school applications, and become more aware of events and involvement opportunities.

Our advisors are located in Building 44. 

You can book an appointment by going to our website, calling our office, or visiting the office in person. Our advisors may only see certain types of students (only first years, pre-health students, etc.), so be sure to double check you are meeting with the correct advisor. Once you meet with an advisor, you can continue to meet with them if you would like. Our office also offers phone appointments in the case you cannot come to campus. Visit us or contact us directly in order to book.

To cancel an appointment, you can contact our office or use the cancellation link in your confirmation e-mail.

Our office mainly sees students by appointment only. Depending on availability or time of year, we may do walk-ins. Those dates/times will be posted to our website and Facebook.

Most professional schools will only require that you take certain courses in order to apply for their program, not a specific major, so study what you love!

Depending on the professional school, community college credit may or may not be accepted. You must check with their admissions requirements to verify whether or not they will count. If you do take courses at a community college, it is normally recommended to take upper level science courses at a 4 year institution. You will also need to check with your major advisor to see which courses you would be allowed to take at a community college, as some majors may dictate which ones can transfer to their specific department.

AP/IB/Concurrent Enrollment credits will transfer to the University of Utah if you have passed the exam with a certain score, or course with a passing grade. However, professional schools normally do not accept specifically AP/IB credit. You must check the admissions requirements of your desired program or visit our office to speak with an advisor to get more information. Concurrent Enrollment credits may be accepted as long as they are taken at a higher education institution.

Extracurricular activities are a way to become a well-rounded applicant and show your vision, passion, and commitment to helping others in a health or law related profession. Professional programs and schools normally recommend/require a combination of community service, leadership experience, research, patient care, and/or shadowing. There are many different ways that you can get involved. To find out more information on extracurricular activities, check out the links on our website. As each professional school may have different requirements, it is very important that you check their admissions requirements and keep track of them.

Your desired professional school may require that you take an admissions test in order to apply for their program. Each type of professional school can have a different admissions test. For example, medical schools require that students take the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test). Check to find out what test could be required for your program or make an appointment with one of our advisors to get more information.

As you get closer to finishing your program requirements, we highly recommend that you come see an advisor as we can guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have.

Last Updated: 3/27/19