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Credential Assembly Service (CAS)

This is the service used by all ABA approved law schools to collect and coordinate application materials. Your CAS subscriptions is good for 5 years. You should subscribe at when you register for the LSAT.

You will need to have official transcripts from every college or university that you have attended sent to CAS, even if classes were from concurrent enrollment in high school, and even if those credits are recorded on your U of U transcript.

Your CAS report will include:

  • your biographical data, 
  • LSAT score(s), 
  • LSAT writing sample, 
  • summary of undergraduate grades and credits, 
  • photocopies of all your transcripts, and 
  • copies of letters of recommendation.

Your CAS subscription also includes online applications for all ABA-Approved law schools.

When a law school receives your individual application, they will request your CAS report from LSAC. It usually takes two weeks for the law school to receive this report.

You may also register for the Candidate Referral Service which authorizes the release of your data to law schools interested in recruiting.

Last Updated: 3/29/17