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Some schools require a Dean's form to be filled out for verification of your overall academic and student conduct records. These forms are completed by the Office of the Dean of Students, 270 Union, 801-581-7066 (mailing address: 200 S. Central Campus Dr, Rm 270, SLC UT 84112). Please remember to sign the "waiver of access" statement. Addressed, stamped envelopes are appreciated. Allow at least one week for completion.

 Don’t worry if you do not know the Dean of Students. Law schools understand that most students at large institutions will not know the Dean. They are mostly interested in whether or not there has been any disciplinary actions taken against you at the school.

 Some of these forms state that they can be completed by a prelaw advisors. Prelaw advisors at the U of U do not have access to disciplinary records, so we cannot complete the form.

Last Updated: 3/29/17