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The Law School Admissions Council has a variety of practice tests and test explanations available online at The tests are actual tests, given in the past, and using them is an excellent way to begin preparation for the LSAT. You can diagnose your strengths and weaknesses, and decide what kind of preparation you need.

Many books on LSAT preparation: Power Score, Kaplan, Princeton Review, ARCO, Barron’s etc., are available from local bookstores or online sources. Browse through a few to see which books look right for you and your learning style.


LSAT Prep Courses in Salt Lake City:

No one course is “best” for everyone. Contact each one to find out how the course is taught and what you get for your money, and choose the one that fits you. If you learn well online, many have less expensive online options.

ACE LSAT Preparation: 801-895-2231, *$500-$1000

Kaplan Test Prep: 1800-KAP-TEST, (1-800-527-8378) *$1399+

TestMasters: 1-800-696-5728, *$1450

University of Utah, Continuing Education: 801-581-5361,, $795

*Prices are subject to change


 Self Study Courses

 NOTE: If you use a computer to prepare for the LSAT, make sure to supplement it with several paper and pencil test since that is the way the actual test is given. Most of the companies listed above also offer online options. Below are some other companies that offer online classes.


 Blueprint LSAT PREP, 1-888-427-7737,

 Exam Krackers 1-888- 572-2536,

 Get Prepped: 1-800-508-4473,

 Home-LSAT from eKnowledge: 1-800-980-8569,,

 NextStep Exam Prep, 1-888-530-6398

 PowerScore, 1-800-545-1750

 The Princeton Review, 1-888-955-4600,

Last Updated: 3/29/17