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Many law schools require resumes as part of their applications, and those that don’t will often accept one anyway. A resume allows you to highlight all your activities and accomplishments in your own way. It can’t be stressed enough, however, that the resume is not a substitute for completely filling out the school’s application form. Unless instructed to do so, never write “see resume” on any section of an application. Fill out the application in its entirety. If you need to attach an additional page use the same format as the application.

 The format of your resume is not all that critical as long as the information is clear and concise. Generally, a chronological format is usually the best option. If you are already in a career use the standard format for your field. If you are still in college visit Career Services, 350 SSB, to learn about standard resume formats

 A resume for law school can be a bit longer and more detailed than a resume for a job. It is okay to for it to be 2 pages, or longer if you have been working for awhile. In addition to paid employment, you can add sections to list volunteer experience and other important activities and significant hobbies

Last Updated: 3/29/17