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When you apply to law school your transcripts will be processed by a service called the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). There are two important differences between the way your GPA is calculated on your U of U transcript and the way your GPA will be calculated by CAS.

  • CR/NC: A CR grade will not be included your CAS GPA (the same as the U of U policy). However, unlike at the U of U, an NC grade will be converted by CAS into a failing grade (an ‘E’). This includes exercise and activity classes, so it is important to avoid receiving NC grades.
  • REPEATS: When a course is repeated, the U of U removes the first grade from a student’s GPA. However the first grade remains on the transcript, and CAS will count both grades in their GPA, so it is important to do your best the first time.

 ‘W’s (Withdrawals): ‘W’s do not affect your GPA on the CAS report. One or two ‘W’s on an entire transcript are not a concern, and a ‘W’ is far better than a poor grade. Law schools are concerned with a pattern of ‘W’s throughout a degree, which can lead to questions about grade manipulation and/or an applicant’s judgment.

Last Updated: 3/29/17