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Return to the U 

Ready to finish your degree? 
Advance your career and education with the University of Utah. 

The Return to the U program helps students who left the University, or who have some college experience but no degree, return to successfully complete a Bachelor’s degree. We recognize that going back to school can feel overwhelming. With flexible options, specialized advisors, and a team of people to cheer you on, we will help you get to the finish line!

Learn from the best with the best and make earning a degree a reality at the University of Utah. Take the first step and attend a Return to the U Open House or make an appointment with the Return to the U advisor.


graduation at the University of Utah

Pathways to Completion

The University of Utah offers flexible options for you to complete your degree!

Get Started

Follow these steps to learn more about Returning to the U.

Meet Your Advisor

Make an appointment with the Return to the U Advisor to help you find your best route to earning your degree.

Additional Resources

 There are many personal and academic support resources on campus to help you succeed at the U. Most are free or very inexpensive. Check it out!


Request More Information:

Thank you for your interest in the University of Utah.

Are you looking to schedule an appointment with an advisor?  Call the main number for the Academic Advising Center (801-581-8146) and tell them you’d like to meet with Jency Brown as a Return to the U student. If you are not a current University student you can only schedule your appointment through a phone call. However, appointments can be for meeting in person or over the phone.

BFF LogoBring a Friend to Finish

University of Utah staff can take action to increase completion among our friends who have “some college, no degree”. Bring a friend to finish.


Last Updated: 8/13/18