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Getting Restarted at the U

Follow these steps to learn more about Returning to the U:

    1. Make an appointment with an Academic Advising Center advisor by clicking on the "Book Now" button below or calling 801-581-8146.
      Book an Academic Advising Appt.
    2. Your advisor will:
      • help you identify how your completed courses fit general education and bachelor degree requirements and what courses you still need to complete.
      • help you explore majors and connect you with the advisor in your major. 
      • explain the admissions process.
      • suggest campus resources which address your personal situation.
      • offer suggestions for ways to enhance your degree and your experience at the U.
    3. apply for readmission
    4. apply for financial aid and scholarships

      Learn how to apply for scholarships, grants, and loans.
    5. Register for classes as soon as the registration process is available in order to have access to the greatest variety of classes.
    6. For more detailed instructions, please see the RTU Checklist.

While the RTU program is meant to assist returning students close to graduation with the final push to complete the bachelor’s degree, we welcome all new and returning adult students.  Academic Advising Center advisors can provide advising assistance to help you return or get started at the University of Utah. For instructions on how to begin, please read the Returning Student's checklist.

Last Updated: 9/19/17