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Peer Advising Program


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier Peer Advisor Program on campus. We provide quality professional development opportunities for Peers and kickstart their careers in higher education, while also contributing to making academic advising a more accessible resource for U of U students.

Our Mission

The AAC Peer Advising Program develops and empowers U of U students to be successful in higher education. Through meaningful professional development opportunities in AAC—advising appointments, tabling, office projects, and trainings—Peer Advisors graduate prepared to pursue careers in higher education. As students who are also advisors, Peers bring to an advising appointment a unique perspective, putting a friendly, un-intimidating face on advising for fellow students.

What is a Peer? A U student trained as an advisor

Peers combine the in-depth knowledge of policies and majors that an advisor has with the understanding of classes and involvement that a student has.

Types of appointments: Degree Audits | First-Year Milestone Advising | Course Registration | Orientation | Peer Advising

Meet Our Peers

Sage Blackburn

Sage Blackburn

Major: Political Science, PreLaw

Involvement: The majority of my involvement is based on being a Peer Advisor through AAC. I love being involved with the part of campus that assists students in exploring and navigating the college experience. 

Why you should meet with me: I didn't enter the U as a traditional student, and I didn't know what I wanted to major in. I want students that meet with me to know that I want to ease the anxieties of the unknown that stem from college. It's okay to not know what you want to do, and we can explore the possibilities together! As a Peer advisor, I can help you along your college journey since I'm on the same path.

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Erica Lampers

Erica Lampers

Major: Biology

Involvement: I am a member of Pi Beta Phi, and I also play piccolo in the Marching Utes.

Why you should meet with me: I have had a traditional college experience: I came from out-of-state and lived in the dorms my freshman year, so I understand the fear incoming freshmen can have.

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Last Updated: 2/25/22