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Transfer Student Orientation and Advising Compass

During orientation, advisors guide and support students in identifying pathways for personal and academic exploration, in developing a plan for their first semester, and navigating their personal journey of learning at the university. Through intentional and inclusive advising practices, we create environments and resources wherein students can make informed decisions and start their first semester with both a sense of direction and possibility.

Follow the steps outlined below to start your journey at the University of Utah!

Know Your Team

General Advising

Meet with a general advisor to discuss...

  • Academic Success
  • General Education
  • Major Exploration
  • PreProfessional Advising
  • Transfer Questions
  • University Policies

Major Advising

Meet with a major advisor to discuss...

  • Help you decide if the major is the right fit
  • Declare a major or minor
  • Co-create a plan for graduation
  • Find opportunities to enrich your academic plan

Career Coaching

Meet with a career coach early and often to...

  • Explore career paths
  • Discover your strengths
  • Identify career development opportunities
  • Prepare professional materials


If your appointment is going to be conducted online or by phone, you must create a FERPA pin in order to discuss your specific academic record.

Identify Key Resources

Find class schedules, deadlines, and dates for each academic semester.

Search colleges, departments, offices, and programs at the U.

Check out the digital resources available to you as a student.

Get a quick view of majors, minors, and certificates offered at the U.

Learn about resources, opportunities, and Student Success Advocates.

Review academic policies and procedures.

Build a Class Schedule

Use how-to guides to learn how to add, drop, and edit classes. These are helpful resources when building your class schedule.

Searches classes offered by requirement fulfilled or by the department offering the class.

Work with Schedule Builder to build the best class schedule based on your needs.

Run a degree audit to explore different majors, plan for future semesters, and track progress toward graduation.

Request a permission code when a class is full, if there is a time conflict, when the department has restricted enrollment, etc.

Decide Next Steps


Check out the Transfer Program.

Subscribe to the transfer student blog.


Familiarize yourself with graduation requirements.

Review the graduation requirements worksheet.


Meet with an academic advisor and create your own pathway.

Make an advising appointment.


Send final transcripts to Admissions.

Learn more about the transcripts process.


Review transfer credits for requirements met.

Make sure your transfer credits are filling every possible U of U requirement.

Last Updated: 7/28/20