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A U of U Major that’s Right for You

Your work at SLCC should be done with your U of U major and future career in mind

Your Major is not Your Career

The Myth: What you study determines your future career.

The Truth: Your transferrable skills determine your career and how successful you are in it.

What is a transferrable skill?

Broad, high-level skills developed in most rigorous college courses regardless of the actual subject that you are studying. Examples:

  • Problem-solving
  • Analyzing and synthesizing information
  • Writing, communicating
  • Understanding and working with data and numbers
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

These skills are most sought after by employers and will make the most difference to your future success in a career.

You may develop transferrable skills while studying many majors, but you can easily transfer these skills to completely different jobs. For example, a Philosophy major could end up working as a computer network administrator, market researcher or banker.

Sometimes the Myth is True

There are a few career paths that require specific educational training or credentials (e.g., engineering, education, and healthcare).

Meet with an advisor to find out if your chosen career requires a specific major.

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Explore Majors & Careers

How Do I Choose a Major?

Choosing a major requires an exploration of your interests, values and abilities in combination with research on academic majors and careers.

For guidance in this process, check out the Major Exploration Program!

Major Exploration Program

Career Exploration is Essential

Looking at career paths to see what educational training and skills sets are needed will help you determine your best path at SLCC and the U of U.

Use these resources to begin your career exploration process.

Career Resources

Experience is the Best Teacher!

No matter how much research you do, you will need real-life experience to determine if a major or career is a good match for you and your life.

Find Real-life Experiences

Last Updated: 5/6/21