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UAAC Roundtables

Advisor Education and Development Roundtables & Workshops

Workshops are topic-specific one-time events, usually running 1 – 1 ½ hours in length. The topics are focused on issues important to advising students at the University of Utah. Topics are scheduled to be timely in consideration of the academic year cycle. Topics include: technology, transfer student issues, developmental advising, programming to serve special populations, and others.



Here are a few photos from our end of the year Advisor Recognition Reception and Social

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Social Pic 1

Advisors enjoying great food and even better company at the Social.

Social Pic 4

Our nominees for this years UAAC Academic Advisor Award

Social Pic 2

Social Pic 3

Social Pic 5


Check out these photos from our last Roundtable

March Roundtable 3

March Roundtable 2



March Roundtable 1

Last Updated: 4/16/17