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UAAC Monthly In-Services

What is a UAAC Monthly In- Service?

A UAAC Monthly In- Service is a way for all UAAC members to engage in learning about our campus once per month.  Topics will include student resources, changes in policy, new campus programs and more.

April UAAC In-Service:

Co-Learning Project: Sense of Belonging in Advising

Presented by The Office of Undergraduate Studies Co-Learning Committee

This presentation will give a background of the Project/Committee, explain what sense of belonging is, and why it matters to students and advisors at the U.

We will also inform attendees about the Co-Learning project’s upcoming events and discuss how to incorporate this important facet of student life into our advising practices.

Lastly, we’ll ask attendees for feedback on how the committee can help them bolster students' sense of belonging across campus.


Thursday, April 14th

Union Parlor B



Last Updated: 3/29/17