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UAAC Leadership & Committees

UAAC Executive Committee

Cyri Dixon UAAC Chair
Angelica Dennis UAAC Vice Chair
Rae Luebbert & Madeline Rencher Advisor Awards - Co-Chairs
Anna Bouska & Molly Parker Assessment Committee - Co-Chairs
Nimmy Grewal  & Miranda Klausmeier Advisor Advocacy and Promotion  - Co-Chairs
Lakyn Bright & Lauren Bustamante Theory to Practice - Co-Chairs
Nichole Hutchins & Emily Spacek Mentoring Program - Co-Chairs
Savannah Manwill Academic Senate Delegate
Benjamin Petrie & Jake McPartlin UAAC Conference Planning Committee - Co-Chairs
Beth Howard Director of the Academic Advising Center - Ex Officio (Non-Voting Member)
Natalie Greenwood UAAC Recorder (Non-Voting Member)
Emily Howsley Coordinator for Advisor Training, Education, and Development (Non-Voting Member)
Last Updated: 3/23/23