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UAAC Leadership & Committees


UAAC Executive Committee

Madalyn Smith UAAC Co-Chair
Amanda Karls UAAC Co-Chair
  Advisor Awards - Co-Chair
  Advisor Awards - Co-Chair
Denise Brenes Advisor Position - Co-Chair
  Advisor Position - Co-Chair
Samantha Davis Appreciative Advising - Co-Chair
Ashley Glenn Appreciative Advising - Co-Chair
Katie Barnard Assessment of Advising - Co-Chair
  Assessment of Advising - Co-Chair
Tammy Mabey Marketing for Advising - Chair
  UAAC Conference Planning - Chair
Beth Howard Dean of Academic Advising Center - Ex Officio
Taryn Horner UAAC Reporter
Jenny Stout Member at Large
Connie Corbett Member at Large
Bobbi Davis Delegate to Academic Senate
Lisa Hutton Delegate to Academic Senate
Last Updated: 10/18/19