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As educators and problem solvers, we advocate for students as they navigate their personal journey of higher education and attain their academic goals. Through inclusion and connection, we open doors to new opportunities for self-awareness and growth, empowering students to define their roles as citizens within local and global communities.

New to advising? Join the University Academic Advising Community (UAAC)!

Membership to UAAC is open to those at the U:

  • Who are an Academic Advisor
  • Who have any type of role in Academic Advising
  • Who have a vested interest in Academic Advising

To become a member, simply send your name and UNID to An invite to the UAAC canvas course will be emailed to you within 5 business days.  Simply accept the invite and you will be connected to all UAAC communications including information regarding advisor trainings and professional development.

Questions about meeting spaces or getting items on the agenda? You can contact Steve Hadley ( ) or Taryn Horner (

Last Updated: 12/28/18