Mandatory Advising Program - Key Advising Milestones

Students are always encouraged to meet with their advisors any time they have questions or concerns regarding their academics or progress toward completion of their degree.  There are points in every student’s academic career when they are required to meet with an advisor. There are four Purposeful and Essential Advising Points during which a student must meet with an advisor to continue attending classes at the University of Utah.

  1. First Year Milestone Advising - any student admitted as a new freshman and who is in their first semester of enrollment at the U of U (summer starters are seen in the fall)
  2. Second Year Milestone Advising - Students with 2-3 prior terms of enrollment and 90 hours or less of completed coursework
  3. Undecided - Students with 60+ credit hours and at least 2 prior terms of enrollment who have not yet declared a major
  4. Graduation - Students applying for graduation

In addition, transfer students are required to meet with an advisor prior to attending their first semester of classes. Visit the Transfer Program website 

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Last Updated: 5/24/18