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Milestone Advising Program (MAP)

Second Year Milestone Advising

Because interacting with an academic advisor leads to college success and completion, second year students are REQUIRED to meet with their MAJOR advisor during their second year. This meeting will help you to continue to navigate through your major and ensure you are informed about the great opportunities that are available to you!

Step 1: Schedule Your Advising Appointment

To fulfill your MAP Second Year Advising requirement and avoid a registration hold, meet with an academic advisor by the date indicated in your 'Second-Year Advising Requirement' email. Use the Advisor Finder page to find your academic advisor.

Honors: Students in the Honors College are required to meet with their major advisor OR major exploration advisor AND an honors advisor.




Step 2: Prepare for your appointment

Academic advising is a learning process and partnership between the student and advisor. So that you can participate in this learning experience, take the below steps to prepare for your advising appointment.

Run & Review a Degree Audit

Learn more about degree audits

Degree Audit Website

How To Run a Degree Audit Video

How To Review A Degree Audit Video

Bring Ideas for your Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Class Schedule Ideas

  • Courses toward your major
  • Remaining General Education Requirements
  • Bachelor Degree Requirements – ask your advisor if any of these overlap with your major
  • Courses toward a minor or certificate

Compile a List of your Questions

Prepare for Your Appointment

Here are some ideas of things you can discuss with your advisor:

  • How do I declare this major?
  • What are some ways I can get involved and gain skills outside of the classroom?
  • Are there internships or research opportunities in my department or college?
  • What scholarships are available?
  • What type of careers does this major lead to?


Use the below “how-to” guides and resources to review remaining graduation requirements and plan your class schedule.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

Last Updated: 4/3/24