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Transfer Program


Advisor Visits

Trasnfer Center Advisors, College and Departmental Advisors will make visits to transfer institutions.  Departmental Advisors can tell you how to get accepted into their majors, what kind of classes transfer, and help you explore opportunities at the Univeristy of Utah.

When Should I Transfer?

How do you know when you've arrived at the best time to transfer to the U? Should you finish your Associates Degree or transfer earlier? These are important questions for all potential transfer students. Here are some options open to transfer students considering transferring to the U.

Getting Credit Where Credit is Due

You worked hard in your transfer classes. Be sure the credits are being used to fill as many U of U requirements as possible!

Hit the Ground Running

Building your resume as a Transfer Student. Employers and graduate schools want to see an impressive resume of experiences in addition to good grades in challenging classes.
To achieve your life goals you will need to hit the ground running after your acceptance at the U!

Transfer FAQ

What are the requirements for admission to the U of U?

How do I apply to the U?

How long does it take to get admitted to the U?


Transfer students, let the U of U help you build your resume! Our Transfer Blog is filled with up-to-date professional development and involvement opportunities.

Getting Ready Transfer Guides

Transferring from a Utah school? These pages show equivalency of coursework for majors.


Last Updated: 2/5/18