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Academic Advising Center

New Student Orientation: Academic Advising & First Semester Course Planning


The Academic Advising Center supports undecided/exploring students and prehealth/prelaw students in identifying paths for academic exploration, in developing a plan for their first semester, and navigating their personal journey of learning at the university. We are excited to meet with you as you explore majors at the U! 

Have a major or college in mind? find your college's new student orientation steps here.

Steps for In-Person Orientation / 

Registration for in-person orientation is now open! Students who will be attending in-person orientation only need to attend in person. This will be a full-day event, 8AM-5PM, and will include advising and course registration. Learn more

  1. Register for New Student Orientation
  2. Learn about previously earned credits
  3. Ask quick questions you have
  4. Attend New Student Orientation (advising and course registration will be included!)

Steps for Virtual Orientation / January 3-6

Registration for virtual orientation will open on Tuesday, January 3rd. Students who have not yet completed New Student Orientation can register for this orientation session through the Office of Orientation and Transition's website. Learn more


Want to Prepare for Orientation? Start now!

take steps to prepare for orientation    ask a quick question

Last Updated: 11/1/22