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Advising Ambassador Program


Our Mission

The AAC Advising Ambassador Program develops and empowers U of U students to be successful in higher education. Through meaningful professional development opportunities in AAC—advising appointments, tabling, office projects, and trainings—Advising Ambassadors graduate prepared to pursue careers in higher education. As students who are also advisors, Ambassador's bring to an advising appointment a unique perspective, putting a friendly, un-intimidating face on advising for fellow students.

What is an Advising Ambassador? 

An Advising Ambassador is a current undergraduate student able to assist their fellow peers with questions as they begin and continue their journey at the University of Utah

Meet Our Peer

Erica Lampers

Emily Lewis Williamson

Emily joined AAC in 2023 as the student Advising Ambassador. Having just completed her first year at the U, Emily is majoring in Theatre with an emphasis in acting! She is a member of the Honors College and a graduate of West High School here in Salt Lake City. For her entire first semester at the U, Emily did was undecided on her major. She took UGS 1050: Major Exploration, a class that helps point you in the direction of interests you might like or dislike. This class encouraged her to make her passion for art into her major, and now helps students who are exploring just like was and still is. In her free time, Emily loves to play soccer, weight lift, and watch her favorite shows. If you see Emily around campus it might be her identical twin sister so if she is hesitant to wave that's why! 


Last Updated: 4/10/24