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Please bring your Photo ID to all advising appointments

Prospective & New Transfer Students

  • Things to bring to your appointment
    • Summary of Transfer Credits (if you've been accepted) OR a copy of your transcripts from your previous school(s). Unofficial transcripts are fine.
    • Syllabi and course descriptions for courses that you would like to have evaluated to count for General Education or Bachelor's Degree requirements at the U.
  • Compile a list of your questions
    • Writing them down or noting them in your phone or tablet is a great way to guarantee that you don’t forget to ask something.
  • Don’t expect one stop shopping. We wish we could do it all but we can’t!
    • Transfer Program advisors have a wealth of knowledge about transferring to the U but we can’t do everything.
    • In some cases we will need to refer you to other agencies and departments on campus to accomplish some of your goals.
    • We promise to help you with everything we can, and then we guarantee to help you get connected to the right place.


General Education and Bachelor’s Degree Exceptions

  • Things to bring to your appointment
    • Copies of course descriptions and syllabi
    • A personal statement that explains why you believe you qualify for an exception to policy
    • If you have a first bachelor’s degree from another university, bring transcripts from that institution
  • Read the criteria for the GE and Bachelor’s Degree requirements you are interested in petitioning

Late and Retroactive Withdrawals

  • Things to bring to your appointment
    • A personal statement that explains why you were not able to withdraw from courses by the deadline
    • Documentation from any third party who can verify assertions you make in your statement (e.g., medical, legal, employer letters, etc.)

Classes & Registration

  • Generate and review your Degree Audit.
    • You and your advisor will discuss your Degree Audit in your appointment.
  • Bring ideas for your class schedule.
  • Compile a list of your questions.
Last Updated: 10/7/21