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Meet with an Advisor

Should you meet with a major exploration advisor or a departmental advisor?

Major Exploration Advisors

Need help navigating your major selection? Advisors from the Academic Advising Center (AAC) are here to help!

How to make an Appointment 

All AAC advisors can help with major exploration. Review the preparation materials below then make your appointment. In the scheduler, select "Major Exploration" under "Select a Reason for Meeting" to see the next available appointment.

MAKE A Major Exploration APPOINTMENT 

Prepare for your Appointment

Reflect on the questions below, take notes, and prepare any questions you have for your advisor.

  • What classes have you enjoyed (at the University or in high school)?
  • What types of activities have you been involved in during college or high school, volunteering, sports, clubs, etc?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What kinds of jobs have you enjoyed/not enjoyed working? Please explain why you did or didn't like a particular job.
  • In a major or a career, what is important to you?
  • List a few goals that you have set for yourself in college.
  • Do you have a dream job? Please describe it.
  • What do you feel are some of your strengths?
  • Tell us how you feel about the major exploration process. What expectations or questions do you have for your advisor?

Departmental Advisors

If you have a few potential majors in mind, meet with those department advisors! Bonus points if you talk to students currently in the major.

How to make an Appointment

Each department does things a little differently. Visit the department website or click the button below to find out how your selected major(s) expect you to make an appointment.

Make a departmental appointment 

Prepare for your Appointment

Use these questions, and ones you've come up with, to guide your conversations.

  • Why do students tend to select (or why did you select) this major?
  • What class or classes would be a good introduction to this major? Which classes have been your favorite in the major?
  • What types of skills will I develop if I pursue this major?
  • Are there any specific general education courses you would recommend I take as I complete this major?
  • What elective courses would you recommend?
  • What kind of campus activities or student organizations on campus relate to this major?
  • Does this major require or is it desirable to have a graduate degree in this area?
  • What types of internships are available to students in this major?
  • What kinds of careers are possible with this major after graduation?
Last Updated: 3/1/24