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Architectural Studies

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Program Description

As a School of Architecture, we strive to do our part in the creation of a society that matches our magnificent Utah scenery. We value curiosity, adventure, risk-taking, and discovery. We understand the vital role that thoughtful, well-designed built environments have in the physical and emotional well-being of individuals and communities, and we promote empathetic responses to foster community and environmental health. We support creativity and innovation in architecture and design through critical theoretical understanding and collaborative research. We understand the power of context and the potency of the local, and we are dedicated to confronting the imperative issues of our time, including air quality, water accessibility, public health, and social equity, and to do the greatest good for our society and our world. We are proud of our long tradition of community engagement and environmental ethics, and we aspire to respond to this time and this place with optimism, cooperation, and creativity.

The Student Experience

The study of architecture at the University of Utah brings together a community of students, faculty, and staff with a broad range of interests and expertise in creative design, building and computer technology, issues of social and ecological responsibility, and the scholarly study of the history and theory of the built environment. In this wide range of interests is a common concern for the well-being of individuals, communities, and natural systems and for constructing and maintaining the highest quality in our built and natural environments.

The architecture major program requires two years of general education, during which students take a number of pre-architecture requirements. Once admitted into the major at the end of the sophomore year, students take courses offering a broad introduction to the field of architecture and a solid foundation for graduate study or a career in one of the many aspects of the building industry, including providing a thorough preparation for the accredited Master of Architecture degree, which is required for professional licensure as an architect.

Students start with Design Foundations – three courses combining thinking and doing with seeing and representing. Students then can apply for our sophomore semester abroad in Italy. In the major, design studios are taught together with courses like research methods to provide immersive integrated learning experiences.

Career Opportunities

This undergraduate program is a pre-professional degree in architecture, meaning that most students pursue additional education or certification to complete their training. Upon leaving graduate school, you can pursue a number of career paths such as:

  • Architect
  • Architectural Drafter, Engineer, Historian, Journalist, or Theoretician
  • Campus planner or Educational Facilities Designer
  • Construction manager
  • Designer: Graphic, Industrial, Healthcare, Interior, Experience, or Video Game
  • Historic preservation specialist
  • Interior or Landscape Architect
  • Material scientist
  • Product Designer or Manufacturer’s Representative
  • Professor
  • Real estate developer
  • Specification writer
  • Urban Designer, Ecologist, or Planner
  • User Experience Designer or Interface Designer

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