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Architectural Studies


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Program Description

You can enhance your studies by completing an Intensive Summer Language Program in a regional country; networking opportunities are also available through the Model Arab League and the Middle East Languages Club. The skills students gain from this minor can be applied to a number of professional fields, such as translation/interpretation, immigration, journalism, or international business ventures.

The Student Experience

As an Architecture Studies undergraduate at the University of Utah, you can get involved and strengthen your skills both inside and outside of the classroom. The Architectural Studies curriculum includes a number of exploratory architecture and elective courses; students can also take part in hands-on design projects (through DesignBuildBLUFF) and participate in research and development initiatives (via the Integrated Technology in Architecture Center, or ITAC). Join the American Institute of Architects for Students (AIAS) chapter at the U, where you will meet fellow students and have the opportunity to be paired with a professional mentor.

Career Opportunities

This undergraduate program is a pre-professional degree in architecture, meaning that most students pursue additional education or certification to complete their training. Upon leaving graduate school, you can pursue a number of career paths. Use the technical skills gained from classroom and extracurricular experiences to become an architect and design commercial or residential structures. Or, enter the fields of planning or development as an urban or city planner, surveyor, landscape designer, or community developer. Careers in computer design—such as software development—and graphic or industrial design are also possible.

Last Updated: 11/5/18