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Bachelor of University Studies BUS

Program Description

If you have a wide variety of interests, or if you have an idea for that perfect degree that no university seems to offer, consider the Bachelor of University Studies (BUS) program. This degree provides students with the flexibility of creating an individualized major in an area not otherwise available at the university. Previous alumni of the BUS program have completed degrees such as Catholic Studies, Anatomy and Physiology, Queer Spatial Process Studies, and Medical Illustration; the possibilities for your own program are immense. With 18 colleges housing over 100 academic departments, the University of Utah offers an endless number of classes and disciplines for you to choose from, allowing you to create the undergraduate experience meant just for you.

The Student Experience

BUS students must design, propose, and complete the degree under the guidance of the BUS program director and the supervision of a tenure-track faculty member (faculty advisor). The proposal for the major is expected to have a thematic focus and to be academically rigorous, while the BUS program of study will include an interdisciplinary set of courses that are appropriate to the theme of the major. The degree also requires the student to complete a senior project, designed by the student and faculty advisor. The senior project is usually presented as a thesis, but it may take other forms, such as a visual work of art or a computer program. In between studying for classes, be sure to explore all of the networking and extracurricular opportunities the U has to offer: you can volunteer through the Bennion Center, participate in a learning abroad program, or join one of the U’s many clubs and honor societies.

Career Opportunities

Many students who pursue a Bachelor of University Studies degree go on to graduate school in master’s and PhD programs, medical school, dental school, law school, and others. There is also significant opportunity for employment in professions closely related to the student's major-emphasis area. If you created a BUS degree focusing on technology and professional writing, for example, consider a career in technical editing or grant writing. Other career possibilities include teaching, work in a museum or cultural institution, and program administration.

Last Updated: 7/8/24