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Program Description

Chemistry is the study of matter, what it is made of, how it changes, and how it can be turned into new substances. Chemistry is central to our search for answers as we explore our world. "What is it?" "How much is there?" "How does this work?" "Why does it do that?" If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, consider studying chemistry to find the solutions. The department offers nine emphasis areas to choose from, and Chemistry is the only department at the U to allow students to declare two emphases.

Available tracks include:

Regardless of your emphasis area, all chemistry degree programs share a common core of required courses within the department, as well as a group of allied courses in mathematics and physics.

The Student Experience

The Learning Enhancement Center and general and organic chemistry help rooms are excellent academic resources available to Chemistry students. The Department additionally offers many other opportunities for students to connect with others in the chemistry community. Participate in an undergraduate research experience under the guidance of an advisor, join the U’s American Chemical Society Student Chapter, or participate in a study abroad program.

Career Opportunities

As a graduate of the U’s chemistry program, a number of job opportunities are available to you. You could become a chemist in private industry, government, or education; pursue professional training in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or other health-related fields; or work in areas such as environmental science and engineering, forensics, business, and law. Some alumni have been employed as educators, software developers, and chemical engineers. Careers in higher education, as professors, researchers, and administrators, are also possible with additional schooling.

Last Updated: 6/6/24