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Data Center Engineering


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  • Honors
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  • Certificate

Program Description

The Data Center Engineering Certificate prepares students to deal with the specific needs and challenges of the complex environments of modern data centers in government, industry, and academia. The goal of the certificate is to provide students with the broad foundational preparation needed for managing operations in modern data centers. In particular, the program provides students with skills associated with facility planning, decision-making to support operations management, infrastructure design, and resource management for large-scale data centers. To earn the certificate, students take 27 credit hours in areas such as computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Students will choose two classes from each area, in addition to a management and capstone class on best practices in data center operations. Connect with other students and professionals in this field as you develop your skills individually and in small groups to understand and identify engineering knowledge, ultimately leading you to a thorough understanding of data center management.

Academic and Career Opportunities

If you want to get involved on campus, considering joining the Undergraduate Advisory Committee or the Association for Computing Machinery. Upon graduation, you will be prepared for careers in data center creation and management, database administration, and software development, as well as graduate work in information systems and engineering.

Last Updated: 11/5/18