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Global Citizenship


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Program Description

Wondering what it means to inhabit not only a structure, city, or country, but also a planet? It may be tempting to think that Salt Lake City is an enclave—a quiet mountain valley made international only through its good airline connections—but it participates fully in the planetary landscape. Our small community, with its own wholly local and unique identity, shows all the signs of globalism: massive industry, multiculturalism, intercultural tensions, and environmental issues faced across the world, such as smog. Through a focus on environment and human rights, the Global Citizenship minor explores different perspectives on our global lives--how can we take part in this new 21st-century lifestyle ethically and with intercultural awareness. We rethink our relationships to our local communities as a global environment in need of citizens with intercultural awareness and responsibility.

The Student Experience

Academic enrichment possibilities include completing your own undergraduate research project or publishing or presenting in an international studies-themed conference or journal. If you want to network and meet other students, the program offers many involvement opportunities. You can attend monthly student programming, including networking events with alumni working in various internationally-focused fields, or speak with an advisor and learn about ways to get connected to an international topic on campus or in the community, yet another way to practice your language skills!

Career Opportunities

The perspective and skills gained from the Global Citizenship can be used in a diverse number of fields. Work locally or abroad as a translator, ambassador, or interpreter. Or, pursue a career in international business, working as an account manager or marketing analyst to help grow your company’s international presence and investments. Students can also enter the field of education as ESL instructors or teachers. Jobs in tourism—as travel writers, event managers, and airline employees—are also possible. If you decide to continue your education at the graduate level, you can find employment in social work, administration, higher education, linguistics, law, and anthropology.

Last Updated: 3/26/19