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Health Communication

Program Description

Health communication is the art of communicating with or for health organizations. It improves doctor-patient communication, optimizes communication across complex team structures, and crafts effective health care materials. As the nature, forms, and functions of health care and health information shift dramatically in contemporary society, effective health communication is a crucial concern and a top priority. The University of Utah’s Interdisciplinary Certificate in Health Communication will prepare you for an exciting career in the field as you study how communication about health is co-created, transmitted, received, constructed, and circulated in various contexts. The U is the primary institution for educating health providers and ancillary professionals in the state of Utah, ensuring that you will receive the training you need to provide clear and effective health communication. The curriculum includes courses on health communication and education; electives in fields such as communication, health promotion, and family & preventive medicine are also available, allowing students to choose coursework that best complements their interests and strengths.

Academic and Career Opportunities

If you want to network and meet like-minded peers, considering joining a student group: Future Healthcare Leaders of America offers resources and events to prepare for careers in healthcare, while Absolute Communication is a student-run PR and advertising agency that allows you to receive real-world experience in the communication industry while still in school. Students who complete the Health Communication minor will be prepared to work for health organizations (for example, as a PR specialist or communication director) or to conduct research in health communication, ensuring that patients and the public receive accurate health information.