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Portuguese & Brazilian Studies

Program Description

With the minor in Portuguese, students will study not only the global language of Portuguese, but they will also explore the rich culture and history of Brazil. Portuguese is the 6th most-widely-spoken language in the world, with speakers in Brazil and several other Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) countries. As we become an increasingly global world, cross-cultural understanding and second language literacy are valuable skills you can put on job and graduate school applications. To ensure that you acquire these social and language abilities, the program offers Portuguese language and grammar instruction courses, as well as courses in Brazilian culture, literature, and civilization. Students then choose classes specific to Brazil and Latin America, in subjects such as anthropology, art history, political science, and economics. The Department of World Languages & Cultures at the University of Utah offers small classes and close instruction to students wishing to learn more about this fascinating language and country.

Academic and Career Opportunities

For academic enrichment, consider completing a learning abroad program or an international internship. Outside of the classroom, students can socialize and network by joining the Brazilian Club. Upon graduation, the minor in Portuguese and Brazilian studies can be paired with skills from your major degree program, allowing you to enter a number of fields. Communication, healthcare, or political science majors, for example, can use their foreign language skills to become translators, interpreters, advocates, and diplomats in local and international arenas. Business students will be equipped to pursue business ventures abroad, while education majors might consider ESL instruction careers.

Last Updated: 7/11/24