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Program Description

Psychologists study human and animal behavior, seeking to understand how people and nonhuman animals function in their environments: through this, a psychologist ultimately wants to understand, predict, and resolve behavioral and psychological problems. If you are interested in how the mind works and want to help people achieve and maintain mental health, consider studying psychology at the University of Utah. The Psychology curriculum includes coursework in the following topics: psychology as a profession, cognition, intergroup relations, infancy, emotions, human performance, personality, sexuality, health, cognitive neuroscience, and others. Through coursework, research opportunities, and internships, you will gain the knowledge base and critical thinking skills you need for success in post-college careers or graduate school.

The Student Experience

Students are encouraged to complete research projects while an undergraduate, with opportunities in both independent and faculty-mentored study possible. You can even participate in a study as a test subject, gaining firsthand knowledge of this important facet of psychological practice. Students are also encouraged to complete internships in areas of psychology that interest them, allowing them to gain experience and help formulate career goals. If you want to get involved in the department, join the Student Advisory Committee or Psi Chi, an international psychology honor society.

Career Opportunities

Psychology students graduate with skills in communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, making them well-prepared for a number of careers. Roles in administration, as program managers or advocates, are possible, as are positions in human resources, training, and public relations. Students who continue their education at the graduate level can become certified psychologists, counselors, therapists, and advisors, providing direct care to people with mental health needs. Careers in research and higher education are also possible for students with a master’s or PhD in the field.

Last Updated: 6/8/18