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Social Justice Advocacy

Program Description

If you want to become a more informed, aware individual who can be an advocate for action, consider the Social Justice Advocacy Certificate. Through this interdisciplinary program at the U, you will gain critical thinking skills and a social consciousness that can be used in a number of fields. The certificate curriculum contains classes from disciplines like social work, communication, and environmental studies, covering topics such as social diversity, urban politics, immigration, and organizational communication. The culminating experience of the program is a capstone course in social justice advocacy skills and techniques, synthesizing key themes from the student’s advocacy studies. Regardless of the career you pursue, this certificate will prepare you to be an advocate for those who might be marginalized, tokenized, or otherwise silenced.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Students who want to get involved on campus can join clubs like the International Justice Mission or the Health and Human Rights Interest Group. Upon completion of the program, use your advocacy skills in tandem with those from your major: business students might consider becoming HR or training specialists, while education and social work majors will benefit from increased social awareness as they work with underserved populations. Students who wish to become lawyers, mediators, or politicians will also benefit from a knowledge of social justice advocacy.

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Exploratory Classes

  • SW 3550 - Social Diversity & Cultural Understanding

Last Updated: 7/15/24