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Program Description

If you want to explore all theatre has to offer and even develop your own new works for the stage, consider the Theatre BA through the University of Utah. Through coursework in the fundamentals of theatre—acting, design, stage management, and other topics—and play development, students will graduate prepared to pursue careers in the theatre. The curriculum core offers classes in production, scenography, script analysis, the history of theatre, stage directing, playwriting, stage management, dramaturgy (the theory and practice of dramatic composition), readings in dramatic literature, and additional electives in theatre topics. The critical thinking skills, human understanding, and confidence that students receive from the Theatre program can also be applied to a wide number of other fields.

The Student Experience

To enrich your academic experience, consider traveling abroad through the London Study Abroad Program or completing an internship or research project. If you want to network and meet like-minded peers, the U has a number of theatre clubs and organizations you can join. For academic and career experience, students may complete an internship or research project. If you want to network and meet other students, participate in an ArtsForce event or workshop: in addition to social opportunities, this program helps College of Fine Arts students transition from school to a career.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the theatre program are well-prepared to fill a number of roles both on and off the stage. Become an actor, playwright, director, acting coach, or dramaturg, working in local or traveling production companies. Alumni may also work with community centers or after-school programs, exposing people of all ages to the theatre. If you want to apply your writing and speaking skills to other areas of work, consider becoming a journalist, HR or training specialist, or marketing representative. Students who complete graduate degrees may find work as advisors, librarians, educators, professors, or administrators.

Last Updated: 7/15/24