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“Does My Class Transfer to the U?”

Isn’t that what every transfer student wants to know? Will the classes that you took at your previous school (or schools) transfer to the U and clear graduation requirements?


Well, if you have attended a Utah State System of Higher Education (USHE) institution, then the answers to this question are easy to find out.


First, all classes from USHE schools that are 1000-level or higher will transfer to the U.


Second, you can also find out which classes you’ve completed will fill specific requirements for General Education and your major at the U by going to the U of U Admission Office’s online Getting Ready Guides:


Use the drop down menus to select your school and major.  The charts you will find show a class by class match of major requirements at the U (the right side of the chart) and equivalent courses from your USHE school (left side). 


The Guides also provide information about which of your USHE transfer courses will fill specific U of U General Education requirements.


By pulling up these charts along with the academic plans for your major in the U of U General Catalog:, you can have a very clear picture of your progress toward graduation once you transfer to the U.


Savvy students at Utah schools access the Guides long before they are actually ready to transfer. They use the Guides to plan the courses they are taking at their transfer school, so they never have to say that other common refrain of transfer students everywhere, “Wait….I didn’t need to take that class?”.

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Last Updated: 9/13/21