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Build Your Resume

As a transfer student, you will have less time at the U to get involved in activities to build that resume. To achieve your life goals, you will need to hit the ground running after your acceptance at the U!

For the latest resume building opportunities,  visit the Transfer Program Blog.  

Before Your First Semester at the U

  1. Meet with your major and minor advisors to find out about resume building resources in their programs.
  2. Find a club or student group at the U you want to join.
  3. Zero in on your career goals. Do in-depth career research using online resources.

During Your Final Semesters

  1. Speak to your professors about letters of recommendation.
  2. Take on a leadership role in one of your extra-curricular activities.
  3. Get to know the application processes, requirements, and deadlines for graduate programs of interest to you.
Last Updated: 8/21/23