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Is it time to transfer? Here are some options for students considering transferring to the U.

Your U of U major is probably the biggest factor in determining when to transfer 

What's your U of U Major Going to Be?

The answer to this question is probably the biggest factor in determining when to transfer.

Articulated Majors

Some majors at the U have identified classes at institutions across the state that can clear requirements for their major.

This process is called "articulation." If the major you are interested in at the U is articulated at your school, then that means you will be able to take some major classes as part of your AA or AS degree.

Other Majors

Other U of U majors have few or no classes that are articulated at other Utah schools. This means that a student cannot be working effectively toward their major at the U while finishing up their AA or AS degree.

A transfer student interested in these majors who wants to be really efficient should consider transferring to the U with an Interstate Passport (or even sooner for some majors).

Length of Major

U of U majors vary in the number of credit hours they require to fill major requirements.

  • Programs like Business, Engineering, Pharmacy and Education require over 90 credit hours of major requirements
  • Programs like Psychology, Political Science, and English require 40 credit hours or less to fill major requirements

If the major you are interested in at the U is relatively short, it may not matter if the major requirements are articulated at your current school. You can wait to begin taking major requirements until you transfer to the U and still graduate in a timely manner.

logo for TransferologyTransferring from a Utah school?  Let Transferology help you determine how your courses will transfer to the U.

Transfer Success Center

Whether you are preparing to transfer to the U or have already made the leap, the Transfer Success Center wants to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible. Consider this your information hub for all things related to transfer students and the transfer process.


Last Updated: 12/28/23